Kazakh engineers developing Braille tutoring device
The Kazakh engineers of the Sezual project started raising $60,000 to produce and provide 40 self-voiced Braille tutoring devices for Kazakh school children with vision disabilities.
According to the Kazakh Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Kazakhstan has 85,900 people with blindness, and less than 10 percent learned to read in Russian.
The Braille device can teach students the Braille alphabet in just three months, and it is very important for children with vision disabilities during the COVID19.
Presently, the Sezual’s self-voiced Braille learning device is the only ST-KZ certified device that can teach the Kazakh alphabet in Braille script, the Astana Times reported.
“We will be glad if deep-pocketed sponsors decided to support the project. It was a long-enduring effect. The Kazakh language is our state language. Abdilda Shamenov started this initiative to support the state language and the image of the country. The founder of our company Galimzhan Gabdreshov and commercial director Dastan Sagynali have supported this initiative,” said Nurbek Yensebayev, Sezual project.
In addition to Kazakh, children can learn to read in many other languages with the device. It can also teach children to read Russian, English, and Chinese, among other alphabets and scripts.
March 12, 2024
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