According to data from the World Health Organization globally there are 285 million visually impaired people of which 39 million are totally blind.
Using a technique similar to what bats and dolphins use, human biolocators navigate using audio cues given off by reflective surfaces in the environment. Few people know that this same technique can work for human beings.
Biolocator SEZUAL is an assistive device for blind and visually impaired people to fully navigate in open space without external assistance. The device emits a specific high-pulse click reflecting back from the surrounding objects to provide information on their shape, material and distance to them. Returning echo activates the visual processing area in the brain of trained echolocator.
SEZUAL device was successfully tested by the President of International Union of Braille Quran Services Mr. Selahattin Aydin from Turkey.

“I had the experience for 10 minutes. Sound waves give some clue to the blind people. This is what I have experienced. It seems to be promising technology”.
SEZUAL device was tested by 14-year-old blind girl from Azerbaijan – Narmin Aliyeva.

“We came to attend a festival in Nur-Sultan city. I agreed for the experiment with Galimzhan Gabdreshev. I am really delighted with this device and I like it. This device is really coming from the future”.
SEZUAL device was tested by Mr. Islam Rakhimov and his little son Tamaz who came to Nazarbayev University to try it.

“With this device it feels like the walls are showing where they stand. Every type of material reflects in a different manner”.
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